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Gloom and Doom

Deeper and Darker 1.1.0

Gloom and Doom is a brand new content update that expands the Otherside with brand new content such as biomes, mobs, items and blocks! The update also fixes many bugs.




Overcast Columns

Brand new biome, brown and orange palette with some unique blocks:

  • Crystallized Amber: Found in Gloom pillars.
  • Gloom Cactus: Similar to the normal cactus but deals twice as much damage.
  • Geyser: A brand new transportation block, once stepped on you will be launched into the air and given the slow falling effect.
  • Gloom Sculk: A brand new sculk block. Acts the exact same as normal sculk but can be bonemealed to spread gloom vegetation.
  • Gloomslate: A new stone type in the biome. Brownish orange color palette. Replaces all sculk stone in overcast columns.
  • We have also added 2 new entities:

    • Sculk Centipede: Snake like body, passive until attacked. Once attacked, it will alert all other nearby centipedes. (Spawns in the Deeplands)
    • ???: Always watches, can be found rarely by breaking ancient vases. Be careful...

    There are also some other features that we have added in:

    • Soul Elytra: Powered by the souls, crafted from various different drops in the Otherside. The souls may randomly boost you while flying.
    • Texture revamp: Some textures have been revamped (credits to DanielArtist for some textures)
    • Entity animation changes: Entities are now more dynamic and can look around. Animations for the Shattered have also been completely reworked.
    • Config: Using Kyanite’s brand new config library, Paragon, we have added a configuration file to Deeper and Darker! (This does not add any new dependencies)
    • New block variants: Sculk Stone has been given new block variants to match with normal stone blocks.